It’s National Glaucoma Awareness Week so what is glaucoma and why do you need to get tested for it?

Glaucoma is when the main nerve at the back of the eye (the optic nerve) becomes damaged, most commonly due to increased pressure within the eye. The optic nerve supplies many nerve fibres around the retina which correspond to different points in your peripheral visual field. Therefore, glaucoma can lead to peripheral vision loss or ‘tunnel vision’.

Vision loss in glaucoma is irreversible, but with early diagnosis, careful monitoring and regular use of treatments, you can preserve severe visual damage and the majority of patients retain useful sight for life.

Here is the important part: The only way to know if you have glaucoma is to have your eyes checked regularly by your optician (minimum every 2 years or every 1 year if you’re over 40 with a family history of glaucoma).

Prevention is the best defence!

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Please visit the International Glaucoma Association for more information

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